Dock Construction

In addition to Residential and Commercial Construction, Pucci Construction builds quality Custom Docks. They use the same attention to detail and workmanship to insure that the docks they build will look good and last. Pucci’s experience in building Docks, and knowledge of Local Waters guarantee  that their Docks will hold up to any weather conditions.

Over the past winter of 2011, the local mountains have experienced up to 180 % of normal snowfall. This coupled with downriver construction have caused Lake Pend Oreille to swell above summer pool levels. Several homeowners that have docks around the lake not built to Pucci’s high standards have had to put concrete barricades and sandbags on their docks to keep them from floating off of their pilings. Pucci dock owners have been thrilled that they have not incured any additional maintenance due to high water levels.